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Land Surveying

Need assistance with Land Surveying services, like mapping, locating a site, or staking? Great North Park Engineering & Construction, Inc is the experts that will help you with get the ball rolling. You don’t have to search any further than our experienced staff to provide the most incredible (replace with qualified) professional land surveyors for residential, commercial, oil & gas, and construction projects! We ensure that every project will be safe, cost-efficient, and dependable!




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Project Management

Whether the project management service is small, medium or large scaped, commercial or residential, North Park Engineering & Construction, Inc, will be done impeccably. Starting from the scheduling to the planning, as well as, the permit mediations that we offer are incredible! Our company will guarantee customer satisfaction on each and every project site! Call us today!

Civil Engineering

When you start with North Park Engineering & Consulting, Inc, for remarkable civil engineering services, you’re in the right place! Our specialty and professional registration in Colorado and Wyoming include Oil and Gas field development and permitting, pipelines, roads, dam design and construction, CDOT highway design and construction, environmental engineering, and land development projects. Our staff is always dependable, dedicated and trustworthy on every single project. It doesn’t matter what the job is, we can do it for you!


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